Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Still Find Time To Rock...Coyote

An old mix rediscovered...


1...private land
2...depth(inst)-king britt
3...tandoori's theme(b's au natural mix)-tandoori
4...carry on-woolfy vs projections
5...lullaby(extended mix)-the cure
6...choir city rockers(social riot mix)-social outrage choir
7...dont turn away(from my love)-lovelock
8...shake ya body down re-edit-joe gibbs
9...pocket check-windsurf (aeroplane remix)-friendly fires
11.i was a teenage dj pt1-GW edit
12.just tell me when(vox mix)-manmade science
13.gibraltar(zabo & zeb remix)-nickodemus ft zeb

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Adriatic Flashback...Max Essa

To celebrate max's forthcoming release '2 B the one U want' on is it balearic..?recordings we have a teasing little mix from the man himself...all the way from t/l -all balearic bombs......


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Midlake...Roscoe BTWS reanimation

artwork by christophe

Coming out soon on Is It Balearic..? Recordings

One time only vinyl run - limited to 500

I first heard Midlake's 'Roscoe' on Sean Rowley's BBC London Radio show and it instantly became my record of the year. Getting asked to remix it was an honour for Erol and myself. It was difficult, as it was such a great track in the first place, but after some days of listening to the vocals acappella and bathing in their aural pleasure, we finally managed it. It's since become something of a favorite, but strangely never came out on vinyl. We're glad it's finally made it.

Richard Norris (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve)

Friday, 15 January 2010

Max Essa -2 B the one U want

Released on 28th jan 2010 on is it balearic..? recordings. We thought we would try something a little different with this promo put together by our amigos at Well Plastic.

dj B.R.O.S Forbidden Balearic Mixtape

Forbidden Balearic Mixtape

1- MIKE POST - hill street blues theme
2 - QUIET VILLAGE -pacific rhythm
3 - SECRET SERVICE - watching julietta
4 - SUZI QUATRO - official suburban superman
5 - EYE TO EYE - hunger pains
6 - G.A.N.G - kkk
7 - GAZEBO - lunatic (instrumental)
8 - WINDSURF - bird of paradise (studio version)
9 - BANDOLERO - paris latino (US remix)
10 - FIVE STAR - all fall down ( 12" remix)
11 - STRANGELOVE - cover me dub (SFPV)
12 - AZOTO - havah nagilah
13 - STING - if you love somebody set then free (jellybean dance mix)

1. so paulo tell us a little about yourself
- my name is PAULO SILVA aka DJ B.R.O.S (Big Rarities Of Space)
...i´m a party man and music life is music as i know.

2. where did it all begin
- in 78 with 10 years old ...gave my first party ...puttin some records for my scholl friends ....after that ! ...always making private party´s and playing in a few CLUBS in LISBON and ALMADA until 1988 ...then i stoped for 11 years (just having fun and listen to 90´s stuff) ...started again in 1999...just for fun in CLUB near me ( playing for fun until 2007 in some CLUBS)....after 2008 ..i re-started for real until NOW .... THE PARTY AS JUST BEGGIN !

3. what made you want to be a dj
- the love for music and see people dance ( just love it)

4. there seems to be quite a few dj's/producers in portugal at the moment doing good things..whats the scene like there
...yes yes !...that´s good good news for us (PORTUGAL)...producers like SOCIAL DISCO CLUB , TIAGO , SLIGHT DELAY , PHOTONZ , KASPAR , RUI MURKA , PINK BOY and others are making great great stuff !

5.what is the house of drunk version..?
- HOUSE OF DRUNK VERSION is PARTY reunion of 4 dj friends (B.R.O.S , LIZARDO , TROL 2000 , MAJOR) ...where the dance music has no limits (some are our edits)...preparing a new party for 2010.

6. what is your biggest influence musically, and what is your guilty pleasure
-nothing in particular ! ...all great music is an influence for me.
-my guilty pleasure maybe ... "BROS"...pop band from the 80's ...was my nick name and still is.

7. have you done/are you doing any producing
- not for now but thinking on it :)

8.favourite place to dj
- LUX (Lisbon /Portugal) ... and i´ll love to play in NYC ,LONDON and BERLIN too....there´s other nice nice spots
- love all places with good vibes.

9.vinyl/or mp3's
- vinyl rules always !

10.most balearic record you own
-maybe : SARCASTIC DISCO COMPILATION by DJ HARVEY but i´ve got lots of balearic stuff including some of your recors.