Sunday, 2 February 2014

CP Winter Motions Mix

Here is a new mix from Chris Price the man behind one of the finest parties we have had the pleasure of going to...Inkfolk

 Inkfolk is a four day gathering of like minded people, run by my partner and I. The aim was to set up a space where we could show art, films, have food and a bar and of course, great music. We throw these parties about five times a year, each one different from the last but all revolving around a great sound system, a laugh with friends and pure creativity, both musically and artistically. Over the past 2 years there has been a massive contribution from many, many artists, including Kristina Tate, Rowanna Lacey and Stephen Millar. Again, it's hard to mention just a few  musicians but they have ranged from the likes of Rubberlips, Colin Potter and Magpahi, to djs James Holroyd, Coyote and Ruf Dug.