Thursday, 25 March 2010

Is It Balearic..? Mix by Graeme Fisher(The Extended Mix)

This is a lovely mix from our amigo Graeme Fisher. He is resident dj along with Steve Lee (from The Project Club) at Balearica in that London. Graeme has impeccable Balearic credentials having djed alongside Jose Padilla at the cafe del mar when it was good and also played records at Ku. Nuff said.


Is It Balearic..?Mix The Extended Mix

Dream Frequency 'Dreamscape 1'
Locussolus 'Little Boots'
Milton Nascimento 'Meeting & Farewells'
Sylvester 'I Want Somebody Tonight'
Herb Alpert 'Rotation'
Beaugard, Violetti & St. Claire 'Ce Soire' (KZA edit)
Pacific Horizons 'Universal Horizons'
Sombrero Galaxy 'Jouney To The Centre Of The Universe'
Tri Atma 'Yummy Moon'
Charanga 76 'No Nos Pararan' (Mike B edit)
Thriftcotheque 'Babba Macumba'
The Very Best 'Chalo' (Gonzalez mix)


el jeffe said...

1st track takes me back stright away:) cockney at a rave in blackburn..ACE!
nice one!:)

dreamtraveller said...

Ah, that Dreamscape opening bring backs some memories! Graeme Fisher is DJ Fantastico :-)

lovefingers said...

cheers for reppin the sombrero and the thriftcotheque dude! x

Apiento said...

Love that Gonzalez mix. Been playing it to death. Nice work.