Wednesday 16 December 2009

Peter Visti...Is It Balearic..? Mix

Peter Visti, from Eskimo Recordings, Music for Dreams and Balearic Biscuits has kindly done a mix for us, and also answered a few questions. He is a top chap and this is a top mix. A little dose of sunshine for all of us SAD sufferers. No tracklist for this one.

Peter Visti Is It Balearic..? Mix

1.first of all thanks for doing the long have you been djing and where did it all begin..?

i been djing since 1981,so it some years:-) i started with a friend of mine at the local bar in a very small town in Denmark where we played all the new pop hits.

2.have you always been into balearic beats..where did you first hear this sort of music..?

ive always loved the sound , but it took me many years to realize that the kind of music i played and liked was called balearic.

3.whats the scene like in denmark..?

there is a few balearic djs but there is not that much going on(and we dont have that much sun:-( have done some music for music for dreams how did this come about are there going to be more balearic biscuits..?

we actually started to record as visti & meyland on music for dreams in 2003 and was suppose to do an album there,
but we only released a couple of 12", but then i've stayed friends with Kenneth Bager the label boss, and i've done some remixes and edits for them, and i'm sure there will be more:-) were responsible for one of my favourite edits- Dolly on did this come about and has dolly heard it..?you were also behind a remix of band aid did that go down..?

all the edits i'm doin is just for fun and normaly i just use them when im out djing, but i played the dolly one for Dirk at Eskimo where i've been releasing my music the last couple of years, and he really loved it and he had the right connection to release it on mindless boogie:-)
i have no idea if the real Dolly ever heard it.
the band aid one was my dj friend Rene Kirkegaard who had the idea for that , just before a xmas gig and then we finished it together very fast, just for fun,
im not sure people realized the fun of it, ha ha

6.what are you biggest influences..?

the loft, David Mancuso, DJ Harvey and very much Mr Phil Mison who always have such a big quality in his music..both his own productions and the stuff he plays.

7.what have you got coming up..?

i've got a couple of remixes and 12"coming out in the beginning of 2010 and then we finally finished the Visti & Meyland album,which makes me very happy prefer djing on the beach or in a club..?

Beach,but also like to do clubs

9.whats the most balearic record you own..?

there is so many records that are so balearic and that i love,so its to hard to just pick one,
but a great one and always in demand is E2 E4 by Manuel Gottsching

10.sunshine or snow..?


Wednesday 2 December 2009

A Letter Fom Spain Mix...Coyote

A new mix done for a winters sunset in ibiza. the mix will air on ibiza sonica soon. it's warm chocolate brandies and donuts all round...


elo…letter from spain
juan martin…aranjuez
dennis brown…if i had the world
credence clearwater revival… long as i can see the light
peter best…theme from crocodile dundee
bread…baby am i want you
PCO…air a danser
balearic biscuits…remember me
donovan…cosmic wheels
john kongas…sometimes its not enough
adriano celentano…i want to know
jose feliciano…no jive
rare earth…love has lifted me
fascinating rhythms…reckoner(johnny miller remix)
steely dan…do it again
smith & mudd…my hill(coyote watch the sky mix)