Thursday 1 December 2011

Tokyo Basement Mix...Coyote

A mix of music that was played on Coyote's recent gig @ Loop Tokyo
dancefloor style
Big thanks to all concerned who brought me to Japan...Chida, Nariaki,and all at Loop and Max for looking after me and feeding me fried stuff and beer


Naum Gabo...Whop!
Titanic Ballroom...Turn on The Love
Kon & The Gang...Sunlight (Dub)
Austra...Beat and the Pulse (Still Going Remix)
Jordan Peak...Low Rider (Bonar Bradberry Remix)
Jose Gonzalez...Cello Song
Neville Watson...One Four Green
Jazzanova...I Can See (Filippo Moscatello Remix)
Marius Circus...Marbella
John Daly...The Chant
CCC...Acid Snow (Night Plane Remix)
Agoria...Speechless (Radio Slave Remix0
Azari & III...Hungry for the Power Dub
Robert Tear (Club Mix)


Thursday 10 November 2011

Akay...Is It Balearic..? Mix

Finally here is the final part of our Love Tempo Mixes from our friends in Switzerland. Here is Akay's bio, he is a top dj and we loved his set when we were in Basel so are really pleased to host this mix

After playing in several Punk-Rock bands from 1988 to 1995, Akay started djing in the late Nineties in Bern, before moving on to Basel and starting to spin as a regular at the 'Grenzwert' bar. Over the years his style developed into a wide range of (more or less) electronic music, glancing mainly Electro(nica), House and Techno at first, but soon expanding to Dub, Disco, Funk, Soul and Post-Punk.

From 2005 to 2007 Akay was responsible for the booking and promotion of 'Das Schiff' in Basel, which by now has become one of Switzerlands best known Techno clubs.

In early 2007 Akay teamed up with Neevo and Pharao Black Magic to found the 'Love Tempo' label, a regular Disco/House club night in Basel, bringing artists such as Aeroplane, The Revenge, Holy Ghost, Running Back's Gerd Janson, Mark E and -- of course -- the Coyote Howl crew amongst many others to spin at the city's infamous (and not entirely legal..) 'Schlachthof' basement.

Since late summer 2009 Akay hosts the weekly radio show NightXperience on the Basel local FM station Radio X. Together with several other music nerds from around, he keeps on trying to fulfill his self imposed and deeply snotnosed mission of saving the planet from shitty music and soulless and arbitrary dj-sets.


01. Larry Heard Presents Mr. White – You Rock Me / Alleviated Records, 2006
02. Andrés – Step To The Side / Mahogani Music, 2009
03. Daedelus – Old Hearts / All City Records, 2007
04. Newworldaquarium – Rox / Delsin, 2007
05. The Complainers – Bacon Rolls / Firecracker Recordings, 2007
06. Maze – Twilight / Capitol Records,1985
07. Vakula – All The Same / 3rd Strike Records, 2011
08. Lone – Approaching Rainbow / R & S Records, 2011
09. Instra:mental – Leave It All Behind / Apple Pips, 2009
10. Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – Burn Brighter Flame (Morgan Geist Edit) / Macro, 2009
11. Cavalier – Kentucky Mountain Saddle (Interlude 4) / Drumpoet, 2011
12. King Midas Sound – Lost / Hyperdub, 2009
13. José James – Warrior / Brownswood Recordings, 2010
14. Nitty Gritty – Test Me Dub / Black Victory, 1987
15. James Blake – Buzzard And Kestrel, Hessle Audio, 2011
16. Parliament – I've Been Watching You / Casablanca Records, 1976


Thursday 25 August 2011

The Project Club...Coyote Howl Mix

A new mix from Steve Lee of The Project Club. Always good and no mistake. Enjoy


Kentucky Mountain Saddle - Interlude 4
IFeel Studio - Morgengruss III
Seahawks - No More Raindrops (Steve Lee Edit)
Torn Sail - Birds (Cos/Mes Remix)
David Crosy - Orleans
Max Essa - Iberia Sequences (2011 Remix)
Washed Out - Eyes Be Closed (Lovelock Remix)
Try To Find Me Vol 3 - Needs Ending
The Project Club - Field Of Dreams (D-Pulse Remix)
Slowburn - Constant Progression
Vakula - Music
Larry Heard - Winterflower

Tuesday 19 July 2011

F*** the Rain Mix Vol 3...Coyote

So much rain....fuck it! This is the third in a series of mixes inspired by my love of italian/balearic grooves.

Rico...Spring Rain(Guitarapella)
Freaky Realistic...Koochie Ryder
Solo Teknik...Wait a Minute
Rhythm Factory...African Rhythms(Ragga Style Mix)
Fidelfatti with Ronette...Just Wanna Touch Me(Love Version)
Kalibu...Music Maker(Lacugnama Bolingo Mix)
Baby Doll House...Whats Sax
Mr K...Mix Max Style
Landro & co...Belo E Sambar
Still Nothing...Rhythm Espanol
Les Negresse Vertes...Zobi la Mouche
Marika Lenny...Beat Summer(Spanish Version)
DJ Le Roy ft Bocachica...Yo Te Quiero(Salsa Version)
Koxo Band...Makes You Blind
Project Forty...When I Fell in Love
Extortion...How Do You See Me Now


Saturday 18 June 2011

Coyote June Mix by Ampo

Ampo on the turntables. Dropping bombs old and new. This is a real winner


Visnadi - Dreams
Om! - Older brother from the rock (Tribal Om Mix)
OZO - Sprits of Africa
Linea Alba - Chill - o - matic (played at 33rpm)
Force Of Nature - Liberate
DJ Steef - Triolisme
Soft Rocks Disco Power play - Danz Boy Danz
Rub n Tug - Scanners (live edit)
Strobelight Honey - I'm not here
The Pied Piper Kinetic - (Orbital remix)
Luke Soloman - Demons (Brennan Green remix)
White Label - untitled
Gemolotto Leomas Fabrice - Venus work it
Pavesi Sound Sound - I'll Never Lose
Sasha Giorgi - A Key to heaven for a heavenly trance (Night dubbing mix)
O.D.C - My mind is going (total Insanity mix)


Thursday 28 April 2011

Music For Sleep Mix...DJ Chida

Kenkou / Living For The City / 2010 Eternal Sound of Music -JPN-
Pink Floyd / Any Color You Like / 1973 Harvest -UK-
Andreas Vollenweider / Stella / 1999 Sony Classical -GER-
The Beat Broker / Pacific Break / 2011 Adult Contemporary -US-
Spikewave / People In The Forest / 2008 Crue-L Records -JPN-
Kenkou / New Dementions Of The World / 2010 Eternal Sound of Music -JPN-
Blast Head / Echo Beach / 2000 Sonic Plate -JPN-
Calm / Light Years / 2003 Lastrum Corporation -JPN-
Chari Chari / Budda and Jewel / 1999 File Records -JPN-
Expe / Emerald Beach / 2010 NUEXPE.COM -JPN-
Blast Head / Midnight Beach / 2009 FREEHAND -JPN-
Crue-L Grand Orchestra / Candymountain In The Rainwoods(HF's Steelguitarpella) / 1996 Crue-L Records -JPN-
Planet Funk / Inside All The People(HARVEY's Sleepy Ibiza Mix) / 2001 Virgin -UK-

After a turbulent few weeks in Japan, Ene label boss and top DJ Chida has kindly found the time to do a mix for the Howl blog. This is a really top mix.

Look out for Journey by Coyote ft Penuckle coming out on Ene records soon with an amazing Chida remix...Viva acid house!


Saturday 23 April 2011

Aihki...Working on the Rail MIx

Here is something special from our friends in Finland, Aikhi. Aihki are Magnus and Tuomas. They will be dropping the debut release on Is It Balearic..? soon and we are very excited by their blend of balearic and finnish/swedish folk.
Watch this space and enjoy

good luck with the t/l


Monday 21 February 2011

Jose Padilla Balearic Mix

A new mix from the legend that is Jose Padilla. A true Balearic Godfather