Thursday 17 July 2014

Leo Mas...Mina Is Balearic Part 2

  Here is the second part of the Mina Is Balearic mix from the legend that is Leo Mas. Lovely stuff. Cheers to Nancy Noise for the pics.


Friday 20 June 2014

Dean 'Sunshine' Smith...From The Sunshine With Love Mix Part 2 2014

Here is a new mix from Garden Festival Resident and our amigo Dean Smith. Dean is the man behind loads of lovely things including the amazing Great Outdoors parties @The Lord Clifden in Brum.
Coyote will be dropping in to play on the 19th July.
Dean also joins Coyote, Phil Mison, Soft Rocks and Hugh Herrera in Ibiza at the IIB party at Hostal Salinas. Check it here


Tuesday 20 May 2014

Trevor Fung...Is It Balearic..? Mix

Trevor has kindly done a mix for the blog. He is a real Balearic pioneer. This interview from DJHistory is great and well worth the read. Tracks from Ana Helder, Pink Skull, Tom Tom Club, Sun Electric, Fini Tribe, John Beltran, Sven Weisemann, Lonely Smoker, Groove Exp and Furzedown.



Tuesday 15 April 2014

Peter Leung...Spring Sun Mix

Heard this mix and thought it was perfect for the Howl Blog. Lovely selection perfect for the sunshine



Sunday 2 February 2014

CP Winter Motions Mix

Here is a new mix from Chris Price the man behind one of the finest parties we have had the pleasure of going to...Inkfolk

 Inkfolk is a four day gathering of like minded people, run by my partner and I. The aim was to set up a space where we could show art, films, have food and a bar and of course, great music. We throw these parties about five times a year, each one different from the last but all revolving around a great sound system, a laugh with friends and pure creativity, both musically and artistically. Over the past 2 years there has been a massive contribution from many, many artists, including Kristina Tate, Rowanna Lacey and Stephen Millar. Again, it's hard to mention just a few  musicians but they have ranged from the likes of Rubberlips, Colin Potter and Magpahi, to djs James Holroyd, Coyote and Ruf Dug.