Friday, 15 January 2010

dj B.R.O.S Forbidden Balearic Mixtape

Forbidden Balearic Mixtape

1- MIKE POST - hill street blues theme
2 - QUIET VILLAGE -pacific rhythm
3 - SECRET SERVICE - watching julietta
4 - SUZI QUATRO - official suburban superman
5 - EYE TO EYE - hunger pains
6 - G.A.N.G - kkk
7 - GAZEBO - lunatic (instrumental)
8 - WINDSURF - bird of paradise (studio version)
9 - BANDOLERO - paris latino (US remix)
10 - FIVE STAR - all fall down ( 12" remix)
11 - STRANGELOVE - cover me dub (SFPV)
12 - AZOTO - havah nagilah
13 - STING - if you love somebody set then free (jellybean dance mix)

1. so paulo tell us a little about yourself
- my name is PAULO SILVA aka DJ B.R.O.S (Big Rarities Of Space)
...i´m a party man and music life is music as i know.

2. where did it all begin
- in 78 with 10 years old ...gave my first party ...puttin some records for my scholl friends ....after that ! ...always making private party´s and playing in a few CLUBS in LISBON and ALMADA until 1988 ...then i stoped for 11 years (just having fun and listen to 90´s stuff) ...started again in 1999...just for fun in CLUB near me ( playing for fun until 2007 in some CLUBS)....after 2008 ..i re-started for real until NOW .... THE PARTY AS JUST BEGGIN !

3. what made you want to be a dj
- the love for music and see people dance ( just love it)

4. there seems to be quite a few dj's/producers in portugal at the moment doing good things..whats the scene like there
...yes yes !...that´s good good news for us (PORTUGAL)...producers like SOCIAL DISCO CLUB , TIAGO , SLIGHT DELAY , PHOTONZ , KASPAR , RUI MURKA , PINK BOY and others are making great great stuff !

5.what is the house of drunk version..?
- HOUSE OF DRUNK VERSION is PARTY reunion of 4 dj friends (B.R.O.S , LIZARDO , TROL 2000 , MAJOR) ...where the dance music has no limits (some are our edits)...preparing a new party for 2010.

6. what is your biggest influence musically, and what is your guilty pleasure
-nothing in particular ! ...all great music is an influence for me.
-my guilty pleasure maybe ... "BROS"...pop band from the 80's ...was my nick name and still is.

7. have you done/are you doing any producing
- not for now but thinking on it :)

8.favourite place to dj
- LUX (Lisbon /Portugal) ... and i´ll love to play in NYC ,LONDON and BERLIN too....there´s other nice nice spots
- love all places with good vibes.

9.vinyl/or mp3's
- vinyl rules always !

10.most balearic record you own
-maybe : SARCASTIC DISCO COMPILATION by DJ HARVEY but i´ve got lots of balearic stuff including some of your recors.


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