Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Midlake...Roscoe BTWS reanimation

artwork by christophe

Coming out soon on Is It Balearic..? Recordings

One time only vinyl run - limited to 500

I first heard Midlake's 'Roscoe' on Sean Rowley's BBC London Radio show and it instantly became my record of the year. Getting asked to remix it was an honour for Erol and myself. It was difficult, as it was such a great track in the first place, but after some days of listening to the vocals acappella and bathing in their aural pleasure, we finally managed it. It's since become something of a favorite, but strangely never came out on vinyl. We're glad it's finally made it.

Richard Norris (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve)


Miguel said...

This is super!
can't wait to put my hands on this great piece of wax :)

ProSource Incorporated said...

want to see how to put a wax on your hands.:)

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