Thursday 7 May 2015

Salvatore Stallone...Is It Balearic..? Mix

Salvatore Stallone is definitely a key figure in the underground Italian scene and very renowned on international scale as well, mostly for his impressive DJsets, pure trip into the music. Everyone who has got the chance to hear him playing, consider Salvatore Stallone surely the best DJ ever. He started to spin records in 1974 at Disco Club in his hometown (Montesarchio) not to far from Naples. His particular taste in selecting music brings him straight to lead his own show at RDS Radio (the Italian BBC) in 1991. In 1994 performed alongside to Bert Bevans and Jovanotti at the official opening party of MTV Italy. In the same period was resident DJ of the legendary Angels Of Love's parties. Afterwards, he lead a Jazz Club for over 15 years, which gave him the opportunity to work together with some of the best Italian Jazz musicians and to compose "Bee's Dance" Opera, as part of the Venice Biennal Art in 2009. Nowadays, after 40 years of musical experience, Salvatore Stallone runs his own label "Polyritmia", plays at clubs and festivals mostly around Italy and Ibiza and still give an essential contribution in the develop of the Italian underground dance scene

So second up on our return is a truly masterful mix from the legendary Italian DJ Salvatore Stallone. I only recently became aware of this guy and immediately asked if he would like to do a mix for us. He  obliged and i will always be grateful because is one of my all time favourite mixes already. A real masterclass.




Stuart said...

Briliant! Which track at 32:00? That's amazing!

UFA747 said...

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